Sunday, July 31, 2005

May your sails be filled with sunshine

Yesterday went very well, went to merritt island to go out in the boat, the weather was very nice despite the forecast of 60% showers.

Went to an island in the banana river, swam around for a bit. It's a popular island near the entrance to port canaveral. On the island there is one boat called Island Oasis that sells all kinds of food and beer, drinks etc. and even takes credit cards, it was awesome.

After a bit of swimmng we headed back down the river. We docked at this mexican resturant the Cactus Flower, on 520. There we met a couple of our friends, so now there were 4 of us in my boat, I've never had a full and willing crew before and the wind was good so we decided to try to sail, it went really well, we tacked and jibed and went up and down the river, making good speed at times, the wind and everything was perfect. When we finally had to be back at the marina we struck the sails but due to one of my crew's inexperience he let go of the jib halyard and there it went all the way up. It's really my fault for not being a better captain and assuming they could figure it out.

Depending on your setup this can be a big deal, because you either have to lower the mast or have somebody winched up to bring it down. I don't have the winch type thing(I forget the name of it). Luckily when we got back to the marina, we had enough people to bring the mast down and pull the halyard back down, so the issue was quickly solved.

On to the beach
After that we went to a beach by Patrick AFB called Tables, there was a storm to the south, but we swam and watched it to see if it moved our way. It came quite close to us but in the end the winds from the ocean pushed it away from us.

At the beach the waves were decent sized but pretty close to shore, we body surfed for a few hours and even used a boogie board I have that is half way snapped, it was a lot of fun.

We decided to go eat somewhere and discovered this place Tuscany Grill in Melbourne off wickham road. It was a little expensive but the food was excellent and we drank moretti dark beer review which is very tasty and much more to my liking than morretti regular.

Overall it was an excellent day, best one in the past few months, only downside is my face is very red, despite applying lotion many times during the day.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Cupid Growls

^^How my stomache sounded^^

I haven't been eating much lately, at least not compared to my usual eating. been eating a lot lighter and mostly skipping dinner or just having something very small. the hunger growl went away about the third day and my body is getting used to it, I would expect i'd be a lot more tired but I feel almost normal. My head's a little off today but not too bad.

my friend showed me this pretty neat site yesterday
they have some funny questionaires, they said I'm a 51% slut, so watch out!

I watched the 1st episode of Extras by the guy who made the UK series office, it was a little funny, I enjoy his attitude, he cracks me up sometimes.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

synching up

ok I will try to sync all my 3 journals blogger and linfilter