Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What Happened?

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Ate at Emeril's Last night in universal Citywalk, bread was really yummy, rosemary bread and sourdough rolls.
Appetizer was boudin and another sausage, the marinade for that was really spicy and the whole thing was very tasty. Annette had Duck confit pizza with truffle oil/sauce that was very tasty. I ordered the salmon, it had hardly any flavor and on the side they gave me some hybrid of broccli rabb? and spinach or greens or something, I didn't like that much, I did however like the poached in lemon yukon gold potatoes.

We then had Gelato at another place which was really yummy, and the girls who worked there had really exotic names, thalya, and vwerty or something very odd.

Then we saw the brothers grimm, speaking of brothers before the movie there was a brother in the theater, singing along to spongedog squarepenis on his cell phone, guy was pretty funny making comments about some of the previews etc.

I liked brothers grimm movie, had a few laughs in it even, I don't get why people have trashed it so much, there was only one cheesy line during a death scene something like "with some nice quiche".

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Strings of Soul

Friday night was decently fun, playing music on kids toys and later some lethal weapon laughs with annette.

Saturday drove out to my boat and put it on the trailer, then we scraped the screwworms, mussels and barnacles off the bottom. there are a few gouges from the islands i've gone to over the past few months. I need to repair those gouges, and I need to sand down the lower part of the hull and then put new bottom paint on.

After that I went to the beach for an hour, I found my buddies there and swam out to where they were surfing. Good sized waves that day I'd say 3 to 3.5 feet, we were standing on a sandbar so they'd get huge right where we were.

When we got back to town we went to eat at outback, my steak was yum as was my blue cheese and cinnoman pecan salad, we had a lot of laughs.

Watching the apostle, I like how he just took off and started walking.

Friday, August 26, 2005

ABC not 123

Went to the concert last night, ABC sounded really good, a little bit of feedback here and there. I went alone but turned out I saw someone I know as usual in this town.

I saw a girl I went to high school with and her husband, another time I was at a wedding in long island and they were there too which was even funnier. I also saw a guy, but didn't talk to, that I went to middle school with, he was also friends with my ex ex girlfriends gay friend.

2 good things, we got free finger foods all the time before the concert, a few really tasty things, and the concert was only an hour. That is about all I can stand anymore, I don't have the patience for standing up for 1.5 hours or 2 even. right at 1 hour they were playing their last song and I left. Perfect! still time to go home and watch a little TV and unwind.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fill this out

from here:

Now you go!:

01. Name:
02. Age:
03. Where on earth do you live:
04. What makes you happy:
05. What have you been listening to lately:
06. Do you enjoy reading my LJ:
07. If so, why:
08. Interesting fact about you:
09. Are you in love at the moment:
10. Favorite destination:
11. Favorite quote:
12. Will you post this in your LJ:

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

English Badass

If you haven't heard of or seen the movie:
The Machinist

I think you should.

"The producers of the film claim that Christian Bale dropped from about 180 pounds in weight down to about 120 pounds in weight to make this film. They also claim that Bale actually wanted to drop down to 100 pounds, but that they would not let him go below 120 out of fear that his health could be in too much danger if he did. His diet consisted of one can of tuna and an apple per day. His 63-pound weight loss is said to be a record for any actor for a movie role. He since gained the weight back for his role in Batman Begins (2005)."

Now that is a true badass
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Forward Pass

Had Dinner with dan Marino, he makes a decent steak, I've made better though.

One of my very favorite bands ABC is playing at Hard Rock Hotel on thursday, I can get one person in with me, it's 20$, anyone interested? I'll drive.

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Monday, August 22, 2005


Good weekend:
Crab Dip with the crab on the side
Touche' Beer
Riding in a bike buggy with a car stereo
Hijacking wireless networks all over town
Flea Market featuring the Mexi-Mullet, and the rarely seen, Mexican Redneck
Bought a few games for the Nintendo in my van, anyone got any 8 bit NES games?
Playing pool with pretty ladies


anyone know where I can unsalted almonds cheap?


anyone know anything about buying life insurance?
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Friday, August 19, 2005

Weight on my back

Feeling a bit fed up with things today, my back is throbbing slight pain which gives me a mild tummy ache.

I need to lose weight, that will be the biggest help with my back. I'm usually OK for about 3 weeks then I have to get adjusted, my hip and pelvis get unaligned on my right leg and it can be somewhat painful. I just have no drive to exercise, no energy for it. I rode bike for like 2 months striaght every weekday and I didn't feel that I lost any weight so it's hard for me to think of something I enjoy doing that I can also have enough drive or energy to do that will show me some results.

I once didn't drink any beer and worked out at a gym at the apartments I lived at every day, for like 1 hour I lost about 20-30 pounds. for Dinner I would eat just a can of green beans and or maybe a smoothie. I think dinner is what hurts me most by eating too much. As soon as I stopped going to the gym and started drinking beer again I gained it all right back, it's like my body is happy at this weight, but I know my back sure isn't.

I think I could stand to lose about 100 pounds Ideally, I know u gotta do it in baby steps though.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Went to Amigos last night for 1$ margaritas, I was so full of chips and 5 margs and the chupcabra dinner that I didn't think I could drink anymore, but then we went to wingshack and I drank 2 more. We played some of those electronic bar games, when we would win one we'd put in our name, I tried to put in some silly dirty word name and it popped up badboy. So I figured out how to go to the player signup part without paying and then just started putting words in to see what the game would accept and which words would brand me a bad boy. We came up with some really funny ones, my favorite was the title of this journal.

Oh Yeah I need to learn how to play the Safety Dance on guitar.

Any cool plans for the weekend for you my faithful readers?

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[Listening to: Black Crowes - Remedy - Black Crows - (5:23)]

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dinner came out really good last night, I stopped by the indian grocery on my way home and got some yummy samosas, paneer naan, and gulab jamun for desert.

I got a laptop from work, I need to get a wireless card for it so I can use it in the living room or maybe outside.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Phil McCrackin

What is the best birthday present you've ever given or received?

Yesterday I got a filling redone, without any anesthesia. One good side effect of it is that I can do the bite test after and it will be accurate because I can feel things instead of being all numbed up. It didn't hurt much, but it wasn't a deep filling either. Try it sometime.

I'm making Chana Masala tonight for Annette

* Mustard Seeds
* Garam Masala
* dried red chilis
* 16 oz Can of Ga-Red or other stewed tomatoes prefer
with peppers
* 16 oz or 22 oz Can of Garbanzo beans or chick peas,
I prefer to use the canned kind because otherwise you
have to soak the dried beans for a day and then boil
them for a bit and it's quite a hassle to get the
right tenderness.
* handful of raisins
* couple spoonfuls of peanut butter, I prefer chunky
but smooth will work fine too.
* Onion chopped up in any size you prefer, I use
pretty big pieces
* olive oil


* put some olive oil in a larger skillet type pan coat
the bottom and have a little extra in there, doesn't
matter what size skillet really just as long as it
holds at least 2 16 oz. cans plus a little extra

* put the oil on medium heat and after a minute or 2
put in a handful of mustard seeds. They should
begin to start popping up kind of like popcorn, so
make sure you have a lid ready for the pan, if not
they won't hop out too badly.

* put a handful or two of the garam masala into the
pan with the oil and mix it around with a spatula so
there isn't any dry spice left it's all mixed in with
the oil. It will get pretty fragrant so at this point
I turn on my range hood fan and warn my roomates(this
smell seems to really piss them off)

* crumble a pod or 2 of the dried red chilis into the

* put 10-15 raisins in the pan with the oil, put the
lid on the pan and shake it around a bit until the
raisins become plump

* put a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter in the oil
and mix it around a little bit

* open the can of chickpeas and pour a little bit of
the liquid off then put it in the pan with the oil

* open the can of stewed tomatoes and pour it directly
in the pan

* mix all this around for a few minutes and turn down
the heat to medium low(3)

* mix around 10 minutes or so until a nice sauce forms

* Serve over basmati or jasmine rice also found at
your local middle eastern market

Monday, August 15, 2005

Fishing for Rip Van Winkle

Had a half-great half-sleepy weekend, ate at El Pescatore Sat evening it was very good. I drank some wine there which was sweet and a little bubbly, it was very good, one of the few wines I actually liked.

Saturday night I didn't get much sleep so sunday I slept from like 6 pm until 8 am this morning.

I had grown my beard over the past 3 weeks or so, friday I shaved it, noone noticed yet. Weird stuff.

Friday, August 12, 2005

walking dead

Today I am wrecked, we had a party at a yuppie boy club last night for an intern who is going back to college today. I had fun but today I feel so so awful. It was a bit crazy, people who shouldn't have were kissing and grabbing each other. Lots of laughs though.

Weekend ideas: pizza, omelletes, sailing, attempted surfing, sleeping on the beach.

I am looking for pictures to put up in my newly cleaned cube, I have plenty of wallspace but not much on it, send me links to cool pictures.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Crispy flirtations

Went to crispers for lunch today, pricey but yummy. There was a young hostess girl who was cute and kinda flirty with me, there was at least one better looking guy wtih us, then later when we sat down she came by four times to check on us but just would talk to me? My coworkers were like, she is just talking to you not to us, I didn't really notice but I guess they were right. It was weird but cool, that usually doesn't happen to me. Part of it, I think, was I was really in the talking/funny/cool/no worries zone, I think I was in that mood cause it's a place I don't think I'll go back to very often so I didn't care what I said, I dunno.

The best lines were:
Me to hostess: "what's the best thing to eat here"
My coworker to her: "what do you eat here?"
Me: "That's a much better question answer his"
She: "I'm kinda boring I only eat vegetable soup here"
Me to her: "What would a crazy friend of yours eat here?"
everyone laughs

2nd table visit:
Her(holding holiday inn room key/card): "did any one of you lose your hotel key?
Me: "Are you just trying to invite us to a party?"
Her: "no NO! someone just lost their key"
Me:"No No, that's cool, we get it, so what time is the party?"
Her just smiling her cute young smile

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Island Women

Identifying Women

I have a few really great cool interesting women in my life right now, one of them romantically even. I seem to get along with women much better than the average man does. I have 4 of them on my mind right now but I'm sure there are a few more.

I do have 2 girl roomates but they have been really getting on my nerves past 6 months or so. My landlord is female and we get along really good and are pretty close.

I don't know what it is about my personality, I'm not your typical sports manly-man type guy. I have very little issue with doing things a manly guy might call "gay". My friend who we can just call "Spitfire" just told me maybe that is why she likes me so much "that's probably why i like you so much, i am drawn to gay men", but to clarify, I don't have any sexual gay tendencies. Though I am reasonably comfortable around gay men. This journal is totally going somewhere else than what I originally meant to talk about.

I guess I never had any really strong male role models that I identified with. My dad was in the marines, but he wasn't a typical jarhead. He was around enough for me but probably should have spent more time with me instead of at work. I remember once when I was younger I got a gold necklace or something from a gumball machine and I was all excited and showed my dad and he goes something like "those are for queers" not that he is anti-gay or anything this was 1983 and the public wasn't as educated about gays as they are today.

My point in all this is I get along really well with women.

Island in the Sunshine

I'm hoping to go to amelia island in september with Annette, I have wanted to go there since I saw sunshine state movie and same with her which is a great coincidence, we have had a lot of those since we met. I'll save the best conincidence for another journal.

Anyone have any tips on where to stay what to see up in amelia island etc. I have my van so I might want to camp out or stay in the van.

Monday, August 08, 2005


My favorite meats to grill are Johnsonville Cheese Bratwurts, Black Angus Beef Burgers, and Tbone Steaks, had the first two yesterday. We went swimming over my friend chris' neighborhood, avalon Lakes. The pool was HOT! what the hell is that, it's a hot day I need cool water, get your shit together dudes.

Anyone ever backup their ratings on Itunes, I have started rating songs but I don't want to lose them if I ever change computers etc. I dunno sounds tricky and the help file isn't useful.

Something I keep seeing in my head is my crazy friend Zack making fun/singing "is someone getting the best of yOU!!" THA BEST THE BEST!! and shaking his fist at the bar the other night.
also I forgot there was this short guy with irish accent who came up to us while we were playing pool and goes:

zjyblood76 : No I only wish to play the winner!!!!! The Best!!!!! or no one else!!!!!!
zjyblood76 : Bwaaahahahahahaahahaaaaaa what a douchelord!
chris : haha
chris : d-lord!

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

old timey music

did anyone download the south by southwest ipod mix when it was out a few months ago? you can get it here

it has so many great songs, you really should make the effort to check it out. By the way you do not need an ipod to listen to this, it's a torrent which downloads a couple gigs of mp3s.

A while back I found a girl from my high school's email address I got in touch with her, I was chatting with her over email recently and found out she was a model in NYC I searched for her online and found a pic of her, she looks great! much different than in high school. She was always one of the nicest sweetest people, I even wrote in her yearbook about how nice and sweet she was. She lives in south beach now and I might be going down to hollywood in a few weeks to go to the beach and visit my friend Rita so I may meet up with her too, that'd be great I haven't seen her since like 1993 or something.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bratwurst Manhole

Last night had a lot of laughs at a irish bar a few miles away from me, claddaugh cottage. My friends Zack, dan and his wife showed up and my new friend Annette, the funniest thing of all was making up names for gay bars. The Manhole, Stool, I don't remember many of them but I"m sure you my faithful readers could offer some more suggestions.

Might go meet up with Jeff and Dave T later for indian food or whatever they want, I might also go to karaoke at Big daddys at least for a song or something.

I'm thinking of starting a weekly mp3 blog not sure where I could host the mp3s though, any suggestions? I'd put about 5 singles a week on there, just cool stuff I"m listening to now that I would suggest to others. I have very eclectic musical taste.

Sunday Heath and I want to BBQ and go to the pool probably over chris' house, bratwurts and hot dogs.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

macaroni tea

My date went well, tasty dinner at macaroni grill and bookstore, reading trivia looking at photography and just browsing.

I think I have a broken filling in the back, just a little piece is missing I think that stuff get's stuck in there, I just went to the dentist like a month or 2 ago so I might have to go back and it takes forever to get an appt there.

I've drank an arnold palmer for lunch twice this week, they are very tasty, basically lemonade and sweet tea mixed.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

tummy wranglers

after about 3:30 or so yesterday I didn't eat anything, I've been trying to do that lately, somedays I can achieve it. This morning I woke up with a strong dull pain in my tummy. I hurriedly went and ate a balance bar and some water and after a bit it subsided.

I have a date tonight, wish me luck, and hope that the person is cool.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Rash on your face

I've been playing like crazy today doing much better this age, the new age started today and I joined brazil along with asa

got my haircut today, I went back to the same girl I got it cut at 4 months ago, she kinda of annoys me cause she has to talk the whole time but this time she wasn't as annoying as last time, telling me about traveling rome. The place is Jungle Cuts on colonial. She seems to have done a good job this time too.

No plans for the weekend yet, anyone else? There is shawn's karaoke birthday at big daddys I am considering, sarah, lisa you want to go? it's a bar on corrine drive.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Not a Po'Boy

Yesterday was really fun, hung out with my friend rita and went shopping, she helped me pick out some good shirts, we also went up to altamonte to Jason's deli which was quite tasty, had the muffaletta.

I got this one shirt it's kinda itchy, I almost always wear an undershirt so I hope it's not a problem it must be made of burlap or something but it is a cool shirt, it's all white.