Friday, September 30, 2005

St. Louis Toodle-loo

I flew into St. Louis tuesday afternoon for a work conference.

Stayed at the hilton, pretty cool place, nice little bar that served Heiniken and Beck's dark beer. Friendly young waitress, who even moved the table for me so I could hook up my laptop.

First night, went to downtown with a coworker and we had some beer and a I had a nice 16 oz. Filet. Then we went back to the hotel and I went to the pool and had a swim and then to the jacuzzi. I like how the pools in states other than florida are deeper, most in florida are less than 6 feet deep. Being 6'7" this can sometimes be a problem.

Next day at the conference I found this really neat Museum of aviation connected to the place where we were having a conference. The company who was hosting the conference has made many cool and interesting flying machines in it's long history, even a few i've never seen before.

That night I went out with my boss and a few of her girlfriends and another guy who works for a different company but who I know and have worked with in the past. We went to a restaurant called Massa's. From the name was a bit odd but it was a tasty italian place, with a big mama type lady who ran it and was very nice. I had a nice glass of lambrusco wine which Annette turned me onto a month or 2 ago and I've been drinking it often when I go out to eat. From what I have been told it's a "table wine" or of the same quality as White Zinfindel which is apparently an insult to wine, but who cares if you like the taste of something drink it!

Right now I am writing this in the St. Louis airport, headed to Chicago to hang out with my good friend Max for the weekend. He already bought some stuff to grill up tonight and we are going to some liquor store, Sams Wine that has a bunch of cool beers, on the way home, so I can get some new top 50 beers to try. If you like beer you should check out the site It allows users to vote on the best beer and from those votes it compiles different lists, such as, top 50 beers in the world, top 50 commonly available etc..

Funny thing happened last night I was talking to max and I mentioned how every place here seemed to serve Busch Beer, in orlando it isn't very common to find Busch at a bar or on tap, then he said "maybe it's because St. Louis is where the Anhieser Busch Brewery is!" Hhahhhaha DUH! what a stupid thing for me to forget.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Out of town drink some down!

Tomorrow Afternoon I'm flying to St. Louis for work then thursday night flying from there to Chicago to hang out with my friend max and his family there. Should be a good week out of town, as any time out of Orlando is good.

If you have any tips on great places to eat in st. louis or chicago or any really cool bars, please comment.

Finished watching a very long engagement, excellent cinemetography and design, story wasn't that interesting to me though. 3.5/5.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Grilled Beer

Friday my friend Luis popped into town without notice but things worked out good he came along to dinner with myself, Annette and a few friends of hers to TGI Fridays. They have the yummiest jack daniels sauce I think it's some kind of onions thing with sugar it's very sweet and dark and I love it.

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Then Annette, Luis and I hung out at the bar at my house and tried to make some good drinks, partially to test the bar and that we have enough stuff for my upcoming birthday party late october, and partly cause I wanted to try making some drinks which I haven't really done before. The first drink was a polynesian sour but I now know I don't like sour, the next one was 4 parts amaretto and 2 parts creme de menthe I really didn't like that, so that was a bust but at least now I know what I don't like.

Saturday we met heath and jeff and bought jeff a bike, walked around college park for a bit, ate at the best mexican, garibalis. I usually get a cheese enchilada as part of my meal but this time I asked her to also put chorizo in it. It was super yummy.

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Saturday night I went with Annette to meet her friend at Jax, I have been wanting to go there cause they are supposed to have a lot of beers, oh boy do they! they had one of my favs Spaten Optimator, I had about 6 or so or various kinds, there were lots more I wanted to try but we had to go.

I need ideas: Fun things to do at a party, music suggestions, great drink recipes, things I might need for my bar.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Jr. High
When I first moved to orlando from Santa Maria, California I went to Liberty Junior High School, which is now liberty middle. There I met a lot of interesting characters, I went there 1 year for 8th grade 1987. When I got into 9th grade I started going to Oak Ridge High School, and most of the people from liberty went to Colonial, so I lost most of the friends I had at liberty.

Orlando is a big small town. Because of this I met back up with a friend from liberty, Grant. He was already a guitarist when we were in 8th grade and I was just starting to play guitar. Well we have gotten back in touch and last night he came over and we played a few songs on guitar, told stories about some people from jr. high and looked through the yearbook. It was really cool. We might learn a few songs, he's a really good guitarist and I'm kinda sloppy so I'll probably sing like I did last night and just add some accompaniment guitar. He's really into steely dan and so am I so that is great cause their songs are really complicated.

Stock the Bar
After work I went to ABC to get stuff for my upcoming birthday. I wanted to get the bar, there is a bar in my house, ready to make most of the common drinks people order. I bought triple sec, grenadine, mudslide mix, brandy, brut champagne, apple pucker, melon mix, butterscotch mix, sour mix, and a few other things. I spent 110$ but had a 10$ off coupon. I'm hoping enough people bring liquor to actually make the drinks for the party.

I wish this was my bar:

Thursday, September 22, 2005

cricket and blow

Went to froggers last night, played darts(cricket) with a coworker who never played before, it was close, I closed everything out but he had me by points.

the other day I watched the movie crash, I'd like to hear some opinions on it, I found it to be too programmed like everything fit together so nice I know it's a movie but for some reason that really bothered me. It was also supposed to make a point I guess, wether that point is that racism still exists(duh) or just some kind of irony, I guess that isn't really a point. Anyways I didn't get it. It was reasonably well acted and somewhat interesting but the formula of it all just bothered me.

I also watched hustle and flow I really enjoyed that 4/5.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I found my new ringtone, at the suggestion of my friend Mangina on I downloaded the theme from chips to replace my magnum PI theme. You can hear a copy of the CHiPs theme here: CHiPs

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I found my new ringtone, at the suggestion of my friend Mangina on I downloaded the theme from chips to replace my magnum PI theme. You can hear a copy of the CHiPs theme here: CHiPs

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I need a new song for the ring on my mobile phone. My current one Magnum PI was quite good for a while but it's time for a change. Any suggestions? maybe a zztop clip? nothing vulgar as I hear it in a lot of places that would be embarassing. I am also thinking of the outro music for WKRP in cincinatti one of my fav songs. Also does anyone know a site for free ones? I think the current one I have is either a wav or mp3.

Monday, September 19, 2005


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Had a pretty fun weekend.

Saturday night went to a party with Annette, it was a little worried how the people would be but everyone was really nice and I had fun. I got a 6 pack of heineken dark which i have never seen before, it was good not great but I'm just glad to have another beer out there I like maybe it will become more common. After that we met some of my friends up the cottage pub. Lots of laughs and fun.

Sandlot 2 : 3.75/5
Mimic : 3/5
American Pop 3.5/5

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

These huge ears give me too much drag

Heath and I rode bicycles for like 4 hours today, I wanted to do the whole trail but he got too tired. The Bike trails aren't finished anyways so some of the time we had to ride on sidewalks and roads etc.
I"m glad they are connecting all these trails though it really gives me some faith in a city I don't think much of.


The tall guy - jeff "giant ears" goldblum 3.5/5 pretty funny at times maybe it was just my mood, cool song in the middle.
Kidnapped(1960) - I love these older disney movies I wish they still made good ones like this, I am glad I watched it now instead of when I was younger since I got more of the references to sterling and rob roy and a few other things(kings and clans).

Friday, September 16, 2005


Dug out a radiohead CD today that i haven't listened to in probably a year or more....

Come on

come on

Holy Roman empire

Come on if you think

Come on if you think

You can take us


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hooka Island

Here is a pic of me when I went out with my friend a month or 2 ago and she was smoking a hooka, I tried it. It had flavored tobacco. Not too bad but I'm not a smoker of anything really so no biggie.

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Here is something I wrote for a site some friends have created, you have to be a member to read it so I figured i'd just copy it over here.

The Forum is called Great Places You Have Visited:

Catalina Island off the coast of california Near Los Angeles Link to catalina

I went here in October 2001 It was quite lovely about a 30-45 minute boat ride from Long Beach, I believe the boat ride cost about 20$ or so. The island kinda shuts down about 5 or 6 pm there actually isn't that much to do but that is part of the beauty and fun of it. You can rent bikes or golf carts.

I was in the main town avalon, there is another town on another part of the island but it's a I don't think you can get there from here kind of thing. They have a big Jazz Festival here every year in October I believe Jazz Festival Link

The festival is held at the beautiful "the Avalon Casino Ballroom, is one of the most distinctive landmarks in California. Its carefully restored and maintained art deco interior is sumptuous, with all of the flowing forms, bright, contrasting colors, sculpture-like sconces"

Definitely Consider visiting Catalina Island if you are ever in the LA area.

I'd also love to hear of any really awesome places you have visited.
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Lots of Laughs

Had a yummy Steak Fajita at amigos last night and also my frozen strawberry margarita was extra double yummy.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Movie: The conversation 4/5 cool twist usually makes for a good rating. Cool Soundtrack too lots of the kind of jazz I like.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pumping Mind

I had a dream last night that I was beginning a trip traveling across the US on bicycle, it probably was subconciously inspired by a post I read on lonely planet forums yesterday. I kept having to ride back to my house and get a few more things I forgot, it was annoying and bothersome, very dark dream.

I am bowling as a substitute for someone this week in a leauge I was in last season, they wanted me to bowl the whole month but I relish my free time too much.

I am considering joining/using some type of gym/workout place, any suggestions on something reasonably priced or some equipment you or somebody you know want to get rid of?

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Movin' Pitchers

Last night I watched repulsion 2.5/5, it wasn't very repulsing. Annette and I went for a walk around lake underhill and some neighborhoods, that was very nice and it was quite windy but that made for a cool walk.

I need some movie suggestions, you can see all my movie ratings here, look at the list and see if there is a movie you think I will like based on my ratings that I haven't seen yet. dvd vhs or in the theaters.

See My Movie Ratings

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Joint Stock

I kneed you
If you didn't know I'm a bit taller than the average man. One of the blessings of this is that many chairs, car seats etc. are too short for me, so I rest on my knees a lot when sitting.

Well my right knee is pissed at me for doing this, it's all flared up and it hurts. I'm not so much worried about getting rid of the pain but that it might be a long term problem.

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow he'll probably quack it up and then give me some pain medicine which isn't what I want, I want to know what caused it and how I can improve things with an exercise or something else. I'm going to try hot and cold packs also.

although the sun is shining
I just made 89$ off some sun stock, short term I'm pretty happy about that. anyone else trade stocks short term? if so which ones do you like right now and how do you pick em? I look at a few factors, ones that have dropped way below their average and also ones that are very active, i've got some ebay right now too.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Weak End

Pints, Pool, Sobriety Checkpoint
brekkie out,
riding bicycle, frisbee in the park, transporter 2(4/5),fancy candies, party all night with yummy food and lots of beer, crying wives

recouperate, BBQ featuring bratwursts, mel's famous wings, yummy cookies, the most awesome sweet potato casserole ever made(walnuts, brown sugar, spiced sweet potatoes)
Slept 12 hours, Sucks to be at work, Big bosses taking a few of us to lunch

Friday, September 02, 2005

Thursday, September 01, 2005



gas prices are going out of control as you all probably know. it rose like 25-29 cents at my stations overnight. I have a big van that gets pretty bad MPG, so I will be riding bike, catching bus, hitching rides from friends as much as possible this holiday weekend.

Some weekend ideas I have going to a pool out at disney that has a sandy bottom and shipwreck.

BBQing and swimming somewhere.

Rock Springs Kelly Park tubing.

What are you up to? any interesting suggestions or parties you want to invite me to?

Movies I saw recently:
American History X - 3.75 stars
Boondock Saints - 4.5 stars

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