Saturday, December 31, 2005

four + 1

Five jobs you’ve had in your life: Taco Bell, Driving Courier, Environmental Services(Janitor), Software Engineer, Computer Tech

Five Movies you could watch over and over: Fletch, The Edge, the 13th Warrior, The razor's Edge, Scarface

Five places you’ve lived: Logan Utah, Oak Ridge Tennessee, Littleton Colorado, Santa Maria California, Orlando Florida

Five TV shows you love to watch: Joey, Seinfeld, The 70s Show, Deadwood, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Five places you’ve been on vacation: San Francisco, Nassau, Chicago, NYC, Western Europe

Five websites you visit daily*(probably not every day): LIvejournal, Myspace,,

Five of your favorite foods: Omelletes, Smoothies, Enchiladas, Checker's Big Buford Burger, Pizza hut pan pizza

Five places you’d rather be: Beach, Ocean, Mountains, Jungle, Waterfalls

Five albums you can’t live without: Sugar Copper Blue, Gerry Rafferty Greatest Hits, The Guitar Trio Friday Night in San Francisco, Crowded House Temple of Low Men, Chris cornell Euphoria Morning

--- Blank one for you to fill out and post in your own journal

Five jobs you’ve had in your life:

Five Movies you could watch over and over:

Five places you’ve lived:

Five TV shows you love to watch:

Five places you’ve been on vacation:

Five websites you visit daily*(probably not every day):

Five of your favorite foods:

Five places you’d rather be:

Five albums you can’t live without:

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Venice/Boca Grande

Had a great past few days in venice island, fl. We also went down to boca grande for the afternoon yesterday(wednesday). Boca Grande/Gasparilla Island is about an hour south of venice. If you ever have a chance to go to boca grande, it's beautiful and has a really cool vibe. It's about a 3 hour drive from Orlando.

Here are the pics(Beware PICTURE HEAVY):

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Americans Consume

I got some great presents for christmas, funny thing is they all came from my girl. I went to a family party and did not receive 1 present. My mom doesn't have much money so I am not surprised and that is fine. My dad did send me a few gift cards, the one that will really come in handy is the borders 30$ one I can buy a case for my new camera.


I'm kinda ashamed of wanting or needing THINGS, but most of these support my travel plans and dreams so I guess I have that.

Shameless display of consumerism follows:
Nikon coolpix s2 digital camera
Western Digital External hard drive to back up my music
Gift certificate for pep boys for getting oil changes on my US trip or parts
gift certificate for shell to fill up a tank of gas
a old style compass like something you'd see in an indiana jones movie
a gift certificate for so I have a nice place to stay once or twice on my trip instead of camping and sleeping in the van


Present wise these gifts were incomprable with any other year, the only other time that stands out was some dvds jeff got me a few years ago those were pretty thoughtful.
Company wise(who I spent time with and the quality of the time) it was great
family wise it wasn't bad, I miss my dad, he lives in california now, and I wish my mom was in better health.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Gifts from above

MMM YUM! My Neighbor is a nice old Puerto Rican lady, and every once in a while she'll give me some dish or food or sweet. Whe recently gave me some rice pudding with raisins and also some coquito which is like PR Egg Nogg with coconut in it. Both were fucking delishious!

Rode bikes around downtown some with heath today, also watched the black hole, interesting movie, I guess some of them went to hell and some to heaven or it was just the ESP lady doctor's dream.

My best friend max is over in venice this week, he lives in chicago but is on vacation with his wifes family, so I'm driving over there tomorrow after work, Wed. hoping to just ride bikes around and see the area.

I listed some books on amazon, I have a bunch of stuff here I want to sell, guitar cabs, speakers(car and PA), amps effects units, books, I need to have a garage sale, any suggestions on best day to have it and what to list and if you want to combine sales with me somehow someway?

My christmas was very good.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Dinner

I just made an excellent christmas dinner for my girl and I. Earlier today she said could you make baked ziti tonight? SURE! I've never made it before, but that's not going to stop me. I also made sauteed zuchinni, texas toast and chicken.

The dinner turned out really well, I served a wine that I really like, Lambrusco which I received as a present on my birthday in mid october. I've been saving it all this time. In fact it's one of the few wines I like. It's to be served slightly chilled.

Soon we are going to open presents, I got her a compass cause she never knows what I mean when I say go est on this road or that one, etc. I think it will be funny if anything. I put on some really cool music this evening, it really set the mood, here are the most recent 10.

1 Gipsy Jazz School - Jean "Matelot" Ferret - La Saint-Bonheur
2 Erik Satie - Caresse
3 Gipsy Jazz School - Django Reinhardt - I've Got My To Keep Me Warm
4 The Ink Spots - SHANTYTOWN
5 Gipsy Jazz School - Ettiene "Patotte" Bousquet - Brise Napolitaine
6 The Ink Spots - You're Breaking My Heart
7 The Ink Spots - Great Pretender
8 Charlie Parker & Miles Davis - Dewey Square
9 Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond - Eleven Four
10 Charlie Parker & Miles Davis - A Night In Tunisia

Friday, December 23, 2005


I don't post links to vids and crap jokes that often but this one was right up my alley of comedy:

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Pictures Galore

I just posted a bunch of pictures from two recent events I attended to my journal over here:

Monday, December 19, 2005

cruel or cool?

I was at the mall yesterday and I saw something very odd but kinda cool but also seemed wrong for some reason. It was hermit crabs and their shells were painted in all these odd colorful designs. What do you think of it?

Image hosted by

are secrets lies

Not too long ago I started dating a girl, she is someone i knew in high school, we had 10th grade english together, it was quite a fun and funny class, we may have had another class together too but that was the most memorable one for both of us.

I was a metalhead through most of high school, she was just a normal person no real specific clique affiliation. I do remember her being a good artist, and she wanted to work for disney doing animation.

We recently got back in touch and met up a few days later, there were a lot of sparks and now we have been dating for a few weeks. Things are going really well.

I've been very honest with her right away about my intentions to travel and hopefully leave orlando and live somewhere else. I"m hoping to find a much better place to live when I drive around the US, or at least get some canidates. I think I might try chicago for a little while, and maybe LA, I have friends in both places. The great thing about this girl is she is very very supportive of my travel/moving plans, she encourages me to pursue my dream. That she does that and says that is supremely important to me.

Here is me in high school, prepare for a shock

Image hosted by

Friday, December 16, 2005

Grilling and Exercycle

Couple blokes and I grilled out last night I think I have perfected the perfect burger, the key to keeping it moist is to use herb butter, slap some in the middle or on top of it and it comes out real juicy.

I also made a few steaks I've got the seasoning down, it's called steak seasoning with 3 different kinds of peppercorns and sea salt mixed in. But cooking the filets and getting them cooked in the middle is a little tricky, the porterhouse came out fine cause it's thinner.

going to a few parties this weekend, one tonight and one tomorrow, also going to try to buy some kind of exercycle or elliptical machine, if any of you have one or two of these handy I need one and I was going to buy one for my mom too.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

All About Chris

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Femur Pepper

Went to two get togethers yesterday, first one was my friends son's birthday party. For his birthday he received a dog, so everyone was to bring things for the dog or dog and kid to play with etc. Once I heard that I only needed to know one thing, how big is the dog? 45 Pounds, I got him the biggest cow femur I could find, basically a bone that looks like something out of the flintstones, it was awesome.

Image hosted by

Lots of kids there, apparently I am a bad influence, but I like to think of it as testing the parental boundries, some of these parents baby and coddle their kids too much and don't take any chances, I push it a little. It's a lot of fun.

After that I went to a chili cookoff at a friends, I entered a chili I made friday, I wasn't too pleased with the taste but now that i've had a full bowl I think it gets better the longer it sits. Mine came in third. The winner was this guy scott, his had a lot of different peppers in it, in very small amounts, it had no meat, used pinto beans and nice chunks of tomato, I have to admit it was my favorite chili also of the four. Next time we are either going to have a desert or casserole contest. I wonder if we have a sandwich contest would Lisa enter? I know she doesn't like to make sandwiches for others.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pengiun Balls

Watched march of the penguins the other day, I wish I hadn't, there were a few interesting shots, but the story was a bit dry, it is funny or interesting how they all walk in a long line to the breeding grounds.

At work next week we are having a white elephant gift exchange, to give as a gift I got a magic 8 ball AKA Executive Decision Maker, HAHHAHAHHAHA.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Boss Tea

Weekend was a lot of fun, Saturday we had my work christmas party out at disney. Hanging out with the big bosses, Singing Karaoke, drinking wayy too much and eating catfish.

My Sinuses have become very dried out for the past few days, it sucks, if I drink hot tea constantly it's not too bad but if I don't they are really dry and it's slightly painful.

Sunday was all day hangover recovery, I'm not getting any younger.

[Listening to: Roundabout - Yes - Fragile (8:35)]

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Went to a big work conference out at the convention center yesterday, lots of cool and interesting military technology stuff. Aftwards there was quite a few parties and lots of free food and beer and chili!. I had a blast at the last party.

I was finally able to find a scale that can weigh me and I'm a lot heavier than I used to be. I think I'm going to buy a exercycle or something to have in my room. If it's there I believe I'll do it every day for like 30 min or so, at least on weekdays.

[Listening to: No Opportunity Necessary, No E - Yes - Time And A Word (4:51)]