Thursday, January 19, 2006


I saw Saw I on monday, I saw Saw II on tuesday. I love waiting for the sequel to come out before I see the original I did that with Kill bill also.

Saw I (4/5) I really enjoyed.

Saw II(3.5/5) I liked but I disliked the ending a little, there were too many characters that you didn't get to know anything hardly about them. Also I was duped into seeing a movie with Marky Marks brother, I wish someone would just wipe them from the face, the both of them. I had no idea he was in it and if I knew I probably wouldn't have watched it.

There were some scenes in both that disturbed the people around me but I was just laughing.

I really liked the villain, also and it was good to see shawnee smith who I just saw in Who's Harry Crumb a few weeks ago.


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